The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

For modern lovers & nostalgic romantics

Congratulations legends!

You're Engaged!

How exciting! Now you get to plan one of the most epic celebrations of your life. While planning a wedding is a challenging task, it's totally doable with a little bit of patience, a few glasses of delicious wine and a handy planning guide by your side. I've got you covered.

Let the good times roll!

First things first


You've just taken a big step in the right direction

towards planning the wedding of your dreams.

About Me

I've had the pleasure of documenting many beautiful love stories and can offer you

guidance based on genuine & meaningful Experiences

That will ensure nothing is overlooked in your wedding planning process, so you can focus on having the time of your life.

I'm Nik, a fine art wedding photographer, based in Melbourne, focusing on capturing the essence of timeless, elegant and authentic weddings, as a creative observant of honest, loving moments between you, your partner and your loved ones.

Wedding Planning chapters

Let's Do This!

Jump to the preferred wedding planning chapter you're currently in, or if you are just starting out (yay!), then #1 is your jam, so scroll down to begin with Chapter #1.

Your dream wedding recipe

Similarly to when you're preparing your favourite dish, your dream wedding recipe will have some key ingredients that will determine the overall flavour that will tantalise your wedding taste buds.

Once you decide on your key ingredients, you can also sprinkle some other optional ones that in the end will fuse beautifully together to give your wedding day the chef's kiss.

The most important thing is for you and your partner to choose your favourite key ingredients and prepare your wedding recipe to suit your taste. It's your day, do it your way.

Let's lock in your key ingredients.

Where, When & Who

These are the three key ingredients to every single wedding, ever. All the other details will simply gravitate around the answers to: Where and When is the wedding and Who will be there?

The questions are interconnected and depending on your priority, each one will influence the answer to the next. For example, if you already have your heart set on a venue, then the wedding date will be determined by their availability. Otherwise if you have a special date in mind as your top priority, then you can look for venues with that availability.

So, what do you think your #1 priority is?

The next section may help you find the answer.

Most Common Wedding types

There's a good chance you already have a pretty clear idea about what you'd like your dram wedding to look like. It may be as simple as a visit to the registry office, or an intimate backyard ceremony, from an adventurous elopement to an exotic location, to a big traditional ceremony and reception with family and friends.

Identifying your dream wedding type will help with prioritising the key decisions you need to make, and in particular help you answer the question of Where you'd like to have your wedding.

Which one of the wedding types below resonates with you the most?







Celebration of love, tradition, culture and family. Possibly the most popular wedding type, following the vibrant rhythm of preparation-ceremony(ies)-reception, mixed with beautiful cultural customs.

Exotic local or overseas location calling you? Great opportunity to combine your wedding with your honeymoon and offer your family and friends an epic celebration and a holiday to your favourite destination.

Super sweet and intimate, graced with gorgeous DIY elements, from invitations to styling and decorations, to your loved ones cooking up a storm for a candlelit dinner in a backyard with lush surroundings.

Setting the Date

There are a few factors that can help you narrow down the perfect date. One is the location (venue) that you decide to book, as you'll have to work with their availability. The other is the season you'd prefer to have your wedding in. Do you see your epic wedding happening during summer time or winter time for example?

Peek wedding season in Australia is normally November till April. It's worth taking into consideration that quality wedding vendors are booked out a year in advance, so if you want someone special on your dream wedding team, your date may have to change.

With venues in particular, it's not uncommon for couples to opt-in for a weekday instead of a weekend wedding if it means they have their perfect location. This will actually save them a few bucks too.

Hopefully by the end of this chapter you have some good ideas for your where and when.

Compiling the

Guest List

In true interconnected-ness, the venue (Where) and date (When) will influence where you draw the line with the guest list (Who).

If your dream venue can hold a maximum of 100 guests, then you'll have to cap it at that.

On the other hand, if your guest list is your #1 priority and it's crossing the 200 mark, then you'll have to narrow down your venue search to venues of that capacity and work with their availability.

It's all a delicate balance and really driven by your priorities. At the end of the day there are no rules. It's your day, do it your way.

OK, Now it's time for an important reality check.

Enter, the budget.

Enter, The Budget

While you're gracefully juggling all the key priorities, there's one curve ball that can throw everything off balance - the budget. Obviously an important factor that can send you around in a few circles, making you re-evaluate all your choices so far.

One piece of advice I can offer here is to splurge on the things that are most important to you and your partner, and use whatever is left on the rest. Costs can add up pretty quickly and it can feel like there can always be more and more to add, so distribute the budget in accordance with your priorities.

Where you can, explore some DIY options and invite your resourceful and crafty friends to help you out as well.

Time to let everyone know to save the date.

Save The Date & Invitations

Once your wedding date and guest list are locked in, it's time to let everyone know to save the date in their calendars. This is especially important for family and friends who will be coming from interstate or overseas, so they have enough time to prepare.

Sending a Save The Date card is a good idea to give everyone a heads-up about your upcoming celebration, while you lock in the rest of the details. They'll know a wedding invitation with all the details will follow soon and won't double-book themselves.

As for the format of the Save The Date and Wedding Invitations you can choose between analog (cards) or digital (email/website). What's your preferred invitation flavour?

Important: Remember to track all your RSVP's, their Plus 1's and all their Dietary Requirements.

The Dream

Wedding Team

Before my wife and I had to plan our own wedding, while enjoying other weddings as guests, I took for granted the importance and amount of work required in assembling your dream wedding team. If you want to have the wedding of your dreams you really do need a dream wedding team that will work together in sweet harmony.

There are many amazing wedding vendors out there and the best way to find your perfect tribe is to meet with them in person. Chances are your favourite vendors will share the same values and vision as you. Some will become lifelong friends and feel like they're a part of the family. I know I feel that way with my couples.

If you're planning a wedding in Melbourne, I have a dedicated Wedding Vendor Guide you can check out here. I hope it comes in handy on your dream wedding team quest.

Here's to Assembling the dreamiest dream team.



While the stars are slowly aligning for your epic day, the wedding dream team is coming together, the wedding planning checklist is being ticked and the run-sheet for the day is slowly taking shape, you'll have an opportunity to meet with all of your vendors and experience what they'll bring to the table on your epic celebration.

You may have a food tasting session with your caterer and/or venue, you may have a rehearsal with your celebrant and bridal party at the ceremony location, you may have a hair and make-up trial with your hair and make-up artists.

One thing I offer to my lovely couples is a pre-wedding photo-shoot. To see the benefits of this kind of a session, you can check out my pre-wedding photo-shoot guide here.

Let's lock in the perfect wedding run-sheet next.

Planning the Rhythm of your epic day with the perfect run-sheet

With the epic day slowly approaching it's time to lock in the perfect run-sheet, to make sure everything flows as smoothly as possible and nothing gets missed. A run-sheet is simply a time-stamped list of key events that will take place during the day. The most basic version of it can look something like this, but created say in Excel:


8:00AM | Hair + MUA arrive | Bride's House

8:30AM |............................|.....................

9:00AM |............................|.....................

I'd recommend keeping the time interval between events to 30min if possible, or 15min if you really must, but I wouldn't go any lower than that. Just remember, the lower the time interval between events, the higher the chances are of something not going exactly according to plan (which can definitely happen), and that will have a knock-on effect on everything else that follows in the schedule, which can add unnecessary stress for everyone.

Give yourself a little wriggle room where you can. Having a time buffer for contingencies can come in super handy if a couple of unplanned delays creep in throughout the day.

The run-sheet preparation is a collaboration between you and all your wedding vendors. I would comfortably rely on their recommendations as they've done this many times and they will advise you on the best timings. Normally the ceremony and reception venues will give you specific times to work with, which you can use as anchors for the day, then plan everything else around that.

Your photographer will give you specific times for portraits. The hair and make-up artists will give you specific time for the work they have to do as well. Reach out to all of them for advice and you'll have a draft version of the run-sheet in no time. Then you can tweak it to suit your vision for the day and after a couple of iterations you'll have your perfect run-sheet.

Once you have the perfect run-sheet locked in, share it with all your vendors, so everyone is on the same page. I'd also recommend sharing it with a couple of key legends from your bridal tribe as well (maid of honour, best men), whoever is the most organised and wouldn't mind helping you out on the day. You've done all the hard work up until this point so when your epic day comes, it's time for you and your partner to enjoy every single moment as it all goes by too fast, so delegate as much as you can to your bridal tribe, family and friends.

Getting Ready

The morning hours of your wedding day are so precious. It’s one of my favourite parts of the whole day, capturing you and your partner getting ready for the epic celebration ahead.

Stories, laughs and hugs shared with your nearest and dearest while your fave tunes are playing in the background. Parents struggling to hide their tears as they see their little girl in her wedding dress. Champers popping and glasses clinking. "How are we going with time?". You can almost taste the anticipation in the air.

The setting and details of this emotional and very exciting first chapter of your epic day will set the tone for everything else that follows, so it's worth thinking about what it could look like.

Here are a few tips from photography perspective to set the ideal scene.




Surround yourself with your favourite people

Keep the space as clean and tidy as possible

Let there be plenty of natural light

Your bridal tribe, siblings and parents are obviously a given. While it's tempting to have everyone else as well, please keep in mind that with too many people around, it often gets very busy. Things can take longer than anticipated and you will have a hard time relaxing and taking it all in. My advice would be to choose a handful of your favourite humans to share these precious first hours of the day with and give the rest of your beloved friends a huge hug as soon as you see them later on in the day.

During preparations things can get messy pretty quickly. Hair straighteners, bags, clothes, half-eaten energy bars and makeup containers. If possible, decide on a certain corner (or room) where everyone can drop off their stuff, or perhaps you could ask your bridesmaids to do a quick cleaning session before your photographer arrives. Keeping the space clean and tidy will ensure that we don’t constantly have to move distracting objects before taking a shot.

Whether you're getting ready at an AirBnB or at home, choose the biggest and brightest room in the house and transform it into a sacred space. This means getting rid of any distracting elements (goodbye laundry baskets) and surrounding yourself with beautiful/meaningful things and your favourite people. An open and calm space with lots of natural light (big windows) and minimal distractions is perfect to document your preparations.




Set the mood with tunes and champers

What To wear before you put on the Dress

Prepare items for detail shots

Getting Ready does take up a good chunk of time early in the day. Amplify your energy and excitement from the start with your fave music playlist and let the good times roll. This can be a good warm-up task you can delegate to one of your bridesmaids. Also worth having a chilled bubbly or other celebratory refreshment of choice to stay hydrated and for a few cheers shots.

Most of the Getting Ready shots will feature you and your bridesmaids before you put on your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. From a photography perspective, something like a morning gown or a Kimono will look beautiful in photos and will be just as comfortable as your favourite sweat pants and t-shirt combo.

Often the Getting Ready starts with your photographer and videographer taking detail shots of your dress, shoes, jewellery, perfume, cuff links, invitations etc. It will save you a bit of time if you put all these things together in one place, so that the photographer and videographer can access them easily and arrange them for some lovely detail shots.

Write love letters to each other

It’s very likely the two of you will be incredibly nervous during the Getting Ready hours you spend separately. So, why don’t you write each other little love letters that both of you can read before you head off to the First Look or ceremony?

It's a beautiful, loving gesture that calms down the nerves and will make you overflow with gratitude. You’ll get goosebumps every time you look back on these moments through your photos.

"I'll send you all my love every day in a letter, Sealed with a kiss" - Brian Hyland

The First Look is a unique way of celebrating the moment that you see each other for the first time in your wedding attire. It takes place before the ceremony and the setting can be anywhere, from a park behind your location, an alleyway near your church or even a beautiful room in your house. You'll get to enjoy some quiet time together and a gorgeous emotional encounter.

Personally, I love the First Look for its intimacy and emotion. It gives you the chance to share a moment all to yourselves before the wedding day buzz begins, to exchange a few words in private and to calm each other’s nerves before all eyes are on the two of you.

Another advantage is that we can use the time to take some couple shots and maybe even family formals a little earlier in the day, so that later on they don't interfere with the flow of the post-ceremony schedule.

The setting and mood of your First Look are completely up to the two of you - let your imagination run wild! I’ll be more than happy to help you plan it and orchestrate it on the day.

First Look

What is it and should you do it on your epic day?

Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons and decide.

PRO 03

PRO 02

PRO 01

more natural light earlier in the day

More time with family and Friends

quiet, intimate and emotional

If your ceremony is late in the afternoon during autumn or winter time, you get more natural light earlier in the day.

Opportunity to do the bridal portrait earlier in the day, so you don't have to leave your guests right after the ceremony.

Enjoy some quiet, intimate and emotional time together, relax the nerves before the wedding day buzz begins.

CON 03

CON 02

CON 01

hiding stealth mode level unlocked

Wedding attire getting a bit dirty

Hot and sweaty summer days

If we're doing all this at or near the venue and you don't want guests seeing you, we'll need to go into hiding stealth mode.

Doing the bridal portraits before the ceremony means your wedding attire can get a bit dirty, depending on the location.

If your first look is in the middle of the day during spring or summer time, it can get pretty hot and you may get a bit sweaty.

Traditional Ceremony

If you or your partner come from a culture with beautifully unique wedding traditions, I'd highly recommend honouring them before or after the main ceremony, with a dedicated traditional ceremony.

There's such amazing energy that comes with paying respects to years of culture and customs, passed on from one generation to the next. Tea ceremony, lion dance, gifting and offerings, padding the bride's shoes with money, knocking down the bride's door, shaving of the groom. Traditional music, dances, food and drinks.

Whatever customs you'd like to embrace and keep alive, make the time to incorporate them in your day, as they are a big part of you.

It's super heart-warming to witness and capture traditional customs. Definitely one of my personal highlights of the day.

The main Ceremony

The main ceremony is the culmination of your day. Whether you have chosen a beautiful chapel or you are going for an outdoor ceremony with an awesome view - I know it will be breathtaking.

Couple of things worth keeping in mind as the energy builds up towards the climax. I'll also make sure to remind you about these couple of tips before the ceremony starts as well.

Tip 1: Take your time on your way down the aisle. This precious moment goes by so quickly and nerves can make you speed it all up double time. Take a deep breath, enjoy it, savour it. Nerves can also make you keep your eyes looking down, so don't forget to hold your head up high and look straight ahead at your loving partner, plus family and friends around you as well.

Tip 2: Same goes for the first kiss as well. Don't rush it. Instead of a quick peck on the lips, linger a tad longer. We know you want to!

Unplugged Ceremony

I understand that capturing important moments with a smartphone is second nature to most people these days. However, asking your guests to refrain from using cell phones and tablets during the ceremony, or even throughout the day allows them to enjoy more and take everything in.

It also gives me the opportunity to capture their raw emotions and reactions to what is happening as well. It’s a shame to witness emotional moments unfolding while people’s faces are hidden behind small screens, or seeing guests too engrossed in operating their mobile camera to even realize what is going on around them.

It also ensures that no enthusiastic guests will limit the frames I am able to capture during important parts of the ceremony. It’s sad to be unable to take a proper picture of the groom waiting for his bride at the end of the aisle because guests are in the way, trying to capture a blurry mobile shot. Or manoeuvring themselves in awkward positions to get a good photo angle throughout your First Dance, instead of simply enjoying this special moment.

It is not a concern for everyone, but definitely something to think about. If you decide to unplug certain parts of the day, put it in the invitations so your guests are aware beforehand. Let people know that they will have access to your wedding photo gallery afterwards. That way they can relax and enjoy every special moment, knowing that they will receive beautifully captured memories of the day too.

Group photo

The best time to do a group photo (if you want to capture one) is straight after the ceremony. Everybody is already together in one spot, so take the opportunity to capture this shot before they start socialising in smaller groups.

Let your photographer and celebrant know that you want a group photo beforehand, so they can orchestrate it all together with your family and friends.

If you don't have your heart set on doing a group photo, you can save yourselves some valuable time, which you can use for family and bridal portraits, canapes, whatever the next item is on your run-sheet.

Family photos

The key to a successful family photo session is having a shot list ready to go. Share this list with your photographer before the final run-sheet is locked in, so they can advise you on how much time you should allocate for this session. Normally I'd allow for 1-2min per photo combination, so if you have say 30 different arrangements, I'd allow for 30min minimum.

The photo coordination on the day is a great task to delegate to someone from your bridal party or a family member that knows almost everyone from both sides of the family and is not shy to speak up and organise people.

Having the list and the family coordinator will ensure this session runs smoothly, doesn't go over your allocated time and you get all the photo combinations you want.

Bridal party photos

These photos are all about having the best time with your bridal tribe. Depending on when your ceremony starts, you can choose to have this session before the ceremony or after the family portraits, which are normally after the ceremony.

It's a good idea to start with the largest group first, so everyone together, then mixing it up with just the bridesmaids and just the groomsmen, then finally just you and your partner for some intimate, romantic and fun couple portraits.

Having a bubbly nearby can make for some fun champagne shower photos, if that's your jam and you're not afraid to have a few drops on your beautiful wedding attire. Otherwise it can keep you hydrated as we make our way through the photo locations.

Allowing half an hour for this session is usually ideal, not including any driving to and from the photo locations.

Couple photos

The couple photos session is an awesome opportunity for you two to enjoy a few quiet moments with each other, away from the busy wedding day buzz. It gives you time to catch your breath, reflect and create some beautiful intimate memories.

Whether we go for a little walk near the ceremony location or drive a few minutes to a stunning backdrop - there is always a great setting to be found.

Allowing half an hour to an hour for this session is usually ideal, not including any driving to and from the photo locations.

Depending on the flow of your day, it can also make sense to split the couple photos session into two smaller parts. We can do a little mini session right before or after the ceremony for example, and then head out once again in the evening to catch some of that gorgeous warm, glowing sunset light.


Depending on the rhythm of your epic day, canapes may be served to your guests while you're doing the bridal portraits with your photographer at a different location. If these two things happen to overlap, one thing worth considering is whether you'd like to capture your guests mingling while you're taking gorgeous bridal photos. If the answer is a definite yes, then ask your photographer about the possibility to organise a second photographer to stay with the guests and document that vibe, setting and details.

Having a second photographer on the day can also enable simultaneous coverage for the preparations in the morning, plus different angles of the ceremony and reception, so it's something worth considering when planning your epic day. Your photographer will most likely have this as an option in one of their wedding photography packages.

Grand entrance

The energy is always electric when this time comes. Your MC will introduce your bridal party first, followed by you two superstars.

Have a think about a theme for the Grand Entrance and an epic tune to complement it.

Brainstorm a few ideas with your bridal tribe and see what you're all comfortable with. Whatever you decide to do is gonna be such a vibe (from a killer twerk to a mid-strength boogie to a more calm and composed trot), as long as all of you follow the same theme.

Or not, there are no rules. It's your Grand Entrance. Do it your way.

Cake cutting

Two of the most common scenarios when it comes to the timing of the cake cutting are:

1. Straight after the Grand Entrance. As you and your partner are welcomed in the venue you make your way to the cake table, cut the cake and then make your way to the bridal party table.

2. The cake cutting happens a bit later on in the evening, after the second last round of speeches and before the main meal is served, so it's ready for desert time.

Whichever option you decide to go for, make sure it's time-stamped in the run-sheet, so the MC can make the announcement and the photographer is ready to capture all the sweetness.

Sunset photos

Usually the best natural light of the day is just before and after sunset, during the so called "golden hour" or "blue hour". The sun is very low in the sky, bathing the world in delicious warm light that looks incredible in photographs.

I understand that it’s not always possible to leave the wedding party around what's usually dinner time, but if there is a way to make it happen and duck out for a few minutes around sunset time, then I would highly recommend it. The romantic evening light will make it totally worth it.

When creating the timeline for your day, please note that as far as natural light goes, the middle of the day is less than ideal for flattering portraits, especially if it’s very sunny. At that time of day the sun is very high in the sky and the bright light and harsh shadows will take away from the romantic atmosphere.

Wedding Day Soundtrack

Your wedding day soundtrack will add to the mood of your day. Whether you're considering some live music or a digital playlist, make sure you have a ton of tunes that set you and your partner's soul on fire.

In addition to the d-floor bangers, there are a few key moments throughout the day that music will add extra magic to, so it's important to choose your faves. These are the key moments:

- The Processional (walking down the aisle)

- Signing of The Register (have a couple of songs ready for this one, as sometimes it can take a bit longer than expected)

- The Recessional (walking back up the aisle after the ceremony)

- Reception Entry (Grand Entrance)

- First Dance (maybe followed by Parents Dance)

- Reception Exit

First dance

Your first dance is one of the big highlights of the day, so make sure to put some thought into the setting it's going to take place in.

Look for a nice area with a beautiful background and lots of space for your guests to stand and watch. If it's happening at night time, additional light sources such as sparklers (if the venue permits) or fairy lights create a nice and romantic atmosphere.

A warm light in the background pointed at you two can have a beautiful effect as well. Personal preference, but any other colourful spotlights or flashing strobes can be reserved for the more upbeat d-floor action later on in the night.

The First Dance with your partner can be followed up with a dance with your parents, after which you can invite all your guests to join you on the dance floor and everyone can enjoy the first music set.

D-floor action

It’s party time and that means there’s nothing left to do but dance your heart out. When people join you on the dance floor (right after the First Dance) the vibe will be on its way to the absolute peak.

Remember those colourful lights we talked about earlier? They can kick into gear right here and set the scene for an unforgettable night of carving some serious shapes on the d-floor.

I know the later on in the night we go the more "relaxed" people will get and while it may seem like there may be no flattering photos on offer, I've taken some of my all time faves during this time of the night.

Totally up to you when you choose to conclude the photo and video coverage on the night, but if you're not 100% sure, I'd go all the way till the end for some once in a lifetime photo opportunities.

Bouquet & garter toss

Always a big crowd pleaser, especially for the single humans in the crowd, some of whom are probably fair bit down tipsy road by now and ready to get a bit competitive.

Let your MC and photographer know when this is gonna go down, so they can get everyone's attention and capture all the action.

Your band or DJ will cue you in with the right tune for the occasion, then it's show time.

Who will be the next in line to get hitched?

Grand exit

Most weddings tend to wrap up by midnight. To round things off, you might consider planning a Grand Exit to end your day with a real showstopper, like a sparkler exit. If you’re having a sparkler exit (if the venue permits), it helps to have someone organise all the guests to the right spot and hand out the sparklers. When your final song comes on, grab hands with your partner and head out into the night, under the sparkling lights, ready to live out your happily ever after.

If your venue doesn’t allow sparklers (it often happens), don’t worry - there are a ton of great alternatives to choose from. You can use glow sticks, LED balloons, mobile phone lights (almost everyone has these), confetti canons or bubbles.

After the Grand Exit I’ll be happy to leave you to yourselves, while I set forth with tons of beautiful photos and a big smile on my face. Rest assured, I can’t wait to show you all the gorgeous photos we have created together that day.

Wedding Planning checklist

The different stages of planning a wedding are exciting and challenging at the same time.

Trying to realize your own vision and listening to a mountain of (well-intentioned) advice from all sides, whilst simultaneously juggling a budget, coordinating vendors and figuring out how to put it all together into the perfect wedding day (something you are most likely doing for the first and only time in your life), well it can get a bit overwhelming. But I’ve got your back!

All of this is totally achievable with a little bit of planning help from people who've done it before (both personally and professionally), a handy wedding planning guide and a simple and practical wedding planning checklist.

Based on a 1 year planning timeline

4-6 months to Go

7-9 months to Go

10-12 months to Go

[] Bridal Shower Date

[] Hens/bucks night date

[] Wedding night accommodation

[] Honeymoon Plan

[] bridal party outfits

[] Hair and Makeup trial

[] Wedding rings

[] Wedding Favours for guests

[] Invitations Sent

[] Seating plan (draft)

[] Place cards

[] Menu cards

[] Thank You Cards

[] Guest list (Done)

[] dress ordered

[] Photographer

[] Videographer

[] celebrant

[] Hair stylist

[] Makeup artist

[] Musicians

[] Event Styling

[] Florist

[] Catering

[] Cake

[] Transportation

[] Stationery

[] Wedding date

[] Wedding budget

[] Ceremony venue

[] reception venue

[] Bridal Party

[] Guest list (draft)

[] Dress research

[] vendor Research

1-3 Days to Go

1-3 Weeks to Go

1-3 months to Go

[] Wedding day run-sheet (done)

[] Wedding day survival kit

[] Wedding Speeches

[] Check weather forecast

[] Check in with vendors

[] Review RSVPs

[] Seating plan (Done)

[] Bridal Party Gifts

[] Wedding day run-sheet (draft)

[] Wedding soundtrack

[] Dress fitting

[] Delegate outstanding tasks

[] Rest and relax

Final Thoughts

With all these stepping stones on your wedding planning journey, it’s easy to lose sight of how precious the here and now is.

Remember to celebrate the process. Every milestone, every get-together, every rehearsal. Grasp every opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. Looking back, it will seem like the time just flew by.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. Delegating tasks leaves you with more time to focus on the top priorities first. Gather a team of awesome people around you and don’t be shy to ask for help when needed. Your friends and family will be happy to help.

Focus on what’s really important. When something doesn’t go quite as planned, take a deep breath and try to relax. You and your partner have decided to spend the rest of your lives together and with that one important thought in mind, most bumps along the road truly aren’t that big of a deal. Trust me.

Here's To an amazing wedding planning journey Ahead

I hope the advice here will help you and your partner, give you some new ideas, some things to consider and above all give you the confidence you need (you already had) for the rest of your wedding planning journey.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I am here for you every step of the way.

Wishing you both the most amazing wedding celebration and a lifetime of happiness together.

Thank You!

If you wish to consider me for your dream wedding team, I'd be over the moon to join you on this wonderful adventure and capture precious memories for you and your family.


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