Melbourne Pre-Wedding – Siri & Neel

With the wedding day on the horizon I sat down with Siri & Neel to talk about their Melbourne pre-wedding photo shoot. I wanted to pick a few locations around Melbourne that reflected their personalities, reflected the place they now call home and at the same time make sure that these places have a special meaning to them and they enjoy visiting them.

As the discussion developed we locked in 3 different locations and outlined an itinerary for the day. We penciled in a date and made sure the weather was going to work in our favour as the day of the photo shoot was approaching.

Neel loves sketching, painting, skulls, villains and superheroes. We agreed that having Melbourne’s street art as the backdrop would be a great place to start the day. After a delicious breakfast and a hot cup of coffee we started roaming the little lanes around Melbourne City, highlighted by the landmarks of Degraves Street and Hosier Lane.

Before doing the first wardrobe change and making our way to our second location, we went for a stroll down Southbank and soaked up a bit of sunshine.

Siri loves devouring books and being in nature, sometimes doing both at the same time. We agreed to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens where we can relax for a while in the tranquillity the place has to offer.

Both Siri & Neel love traveling and the outdoors. We agreed for our final destination to hit the beach. After the second wardrobe change we arrived at Half Moon Bay. This place is simply amazing. Tucked away near the quiet end we got the intimacy we needed plus a lot of options to have a bit of fun with the photos as well. The weather was perfect too and we were blessed with a beautiful sunset.

We wrapped up the day buzzing with excitement and looking forward to the wedding day on the horizon.

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