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How to make the most out of a pre-wedding photo-shoot in preparation for your epic celebration.

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The Best prequel to your wedding day love story

The big bang of your engagement will set a chain of exciting events into motion. The wedding date is normally the sunny northern star that forms first, while everything else (the venue, photographer, celebrant, florist, etc.) will slowly start gravitating around it.

The window between now and your epic day is the ideal opportunity to organise a pre-wedding photo-shoot, which for many reasons,

I believe is the best prequel to your wedding day love story.

Let's talk about the when, where, what and why.

Let there be gorgeous

golden-hour light

One of the luxuries you have with a pre-wedding photo-shoot is that you can pick the exact time of day when to take the photos. While you can make beautiful photos in all lighting conditions, when it comes to natural light, the most romantic option is the golden-hour of light - the hour around sunrise and sunset.

The tone of this light is gentle, soft and warm, which is one of the reasons why we're all absolutely mesmerised by it.

Knowing the when will help you with the where.

Pick locations that are of significance to you

While a sunrise or sunset can commonly be associated with a beach, you can definitely pick any location to make the most of the gorgeous golden-hour light, whether it's an urban setting or a parkland setting, even your own home by using the right windows.

What's important is to pick a location that has a special meaning for you, somewhere you know you'll enjoy and feel comfortable, somewhere where you can be your true selves.

Knowing the where can help you with what to wear.

Finding a balance between expression and comfort

We all have our own unique fashion sense. Clothes can allow us to express ourselves, individually and as a couple. When it comes to wardrobe style, the pre-wedding vibe is definitely more playful, and you'll have the wedding day to be more formal.

Clothing items in a primary colour (red, blue, yellow) or a secondary colour (green, purple, orange) can add a great pop to any scene. Complimentary colours in your outfits can offer great sync.

Comfort is king and it gives you a great confidence boost, so make sure you feel comfortable in whatever it is you're wearing.

Multiple locations can also offer a wardrobe change.

Take it up a level with some props and accessories

Whether it's a flower crown or an acoustic guitar, a bottle of champers or a picnic basket, a warm blanket or a vintage red couch, a prop can elevate your photos to the next level, while you have even more fun along the way as well.

As you dial up the amount of props, minimise the amount of personal belongings. Bring a small bag for keys, phones, wallets, makeup and other similar items. Have your hands free to interact and snuggle up while avoiding bulging pockets.

Every little detail counts and is totally worth it.

The beauty and benefits of the final result

Being in front of a camera is not something we do on regular basis, unless it's our profession, so it's totally normal that we feel a bit uncomfortable when the time comes to do it, especially on the day of the biggest celebration of our lives.

In addition to capturing your precious memories in the lead up to this epic day, a pre-wedding photo-shoot can definitely make you feel a lot more comfortable being in front of a camera, so when the epic day comes you can focus on having the time of your life.

Here's to the upcoming epic day and its prequel.

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