Vy & Kangas' Wedding.

Three beautiful ceremonies followed by a stunning reception at The George Ballroom in Melbourne, VIC.

One for the history books: 1 x stunning autumn day, 1 x sweet first look, 2 x moving love letters, 3 x gorgeous ceremonies, 4 x wardrobe changes, 16 x shots of Hibiki, 32 x cups of tea, 11 x dates + 14 x chestnuts, 1 x piggyback ride, 1 x lead vocals takeover, 91 x glass champagne tower, 1 x wild dance floor.

Vy and Kangas wanted to do a first look before Vy’s big reveal at the Vietnamese tea ceremony, so we wanted to make sure no one sees Vy beforehand, apart from the bridesmaids. The challenge was how do we do this when you have a house full of family and friends.

We picked one of the corners in the backyard which had no overlooking ground floor windows as the ideal setting and we covered the street side access to it with a large white curtain. The scene was set. It was time for action.

Kangas, wearing his amazing gold traditional outfit, stepped onto the scene first and was patiently waiting at his spot as Vy, wearing her gorgeous red traditional outfit, sneaked through the back door with the help of the bridesmaids.

The sweetest first look followed, ending in a loving embrace. Gold and red fireworks to start the day.

Mission accomplished. It was time to trace back our steps and prepare for the start of the Vietnamese tea ceremony.

Vy’s parents’ house was buzzing with family and friends on a gorgeous sunny autumn day. The excitement was slowly building up as Kangas and his groomsmen lined up in front of the house bearing gifts. Vy and Kangas wanted to honour Vy’s family and culture with a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. The gifts Kangas and his groomsman were bearing signified an offering for requesting Vy’s hand in marriage.

A stunning palette of vibrant gold, blue, red and pink in the traditional outfits, surrounded by nature’s gentle green, orange and yellow autumn colours, all magically shimmering in the morning sun.

Vy’s parents welcomed everyone into the house as the groomsmen handed the gifts over to the bridesmaids. Everyone gathered downstairs in the leaving room area around the beautifully crafted homemade altar, while Vy was pertinently waiting upstairs for the time to come for her big reveal. Chosen as the family representative, Vy’s uncle welcomed everyone and introduced Vy’s side of the family, while Kangas’ uncle, chosen and his family representative introduced Kangas’ side of the family.

The time came for the big reveal. Walking through the sliding leaving room doors in her gorgeous traditional red outfit, Vy accompanied by her mum, made her grand entrance to a roaring cheer from family and friends. Kangas slowly approached them with the biggest smile and open arms. The gifts Kangas and his groomsmen brought as an offering were happily accepted as a sign of approval of the marriage. Vy’s father and Kangas’ father lit two candles at the alter signifying the start of the ceremony. Vy and Kangas stood in front of the altar for a group blessing led by Vy’s uncle. After the blessing, Kangas’ mum presented Vy with gifts as well. Huge hugs concluded this part of the ceremony.

The tea serving portion of the ceremony was next. Vy and Kangas served tea to both sides of the family as a sign of respect and to ask them for their blessing. Words of wisdom and gifs were offered from each family member as they were served tea. Kangas’ grandma also dialed in from Korea to offer her blessing and support as well.

The tea ceremony concluded with a loud applause and everyone was invited to sit down for a delicious lunch. All this was just the beginning as the first of three beautiful ceremonies on this epic day.

The second one was a heartwarming church ceremony at Christ Church in St Kilda, which commenced with timeless readings from the Song of Songs by family members and words of wisdom by the priest. The vows Vy and Kangas exchanged afterwards didn't leave a dry eye in the congregation. Following the rings exchange, emotional blessings were read by Vy's mum and Kangas' mum. The whole ceremony was beautifully enveloped with live acoustic music by one of Vy's dear friends.

The George Ballroom erupted in a cheer as Vy and Kangas made their grand entrance at the reception. Dressed in their gorgeous colourful hanbok outfits they danced and laughed as they made their way centre stage. They looked absolutely mesmerising and the loud long cheer from their family and friends reaffirmed that.

Vy and Kangas wanted to honour Kangas’ family and culture with a traditional Korean tea ceremony. Full bow, followed by a half bow as a sign of honour and respect for the family, before serving the tea. They served tea as an offer to the family who in return drank the tea as a sign of acceptance and welcoming of Vy into the family.

After drinking the tea, family members grabbed a handful of dates and chestnuts from the table, offered a few kind words of advice and then tossed the dates and chestnuts up in the air for Vy and Kangas to catch. Dates (boys) and chestnuts (girls) represent the number of children they’ll have, depending on however many they catch. Vy and Kangas definitely caught more than enough.

The kissing bite of the date was next. Tradition says that whoever ends up with the seed will have more power in the marriage. Vy won this challenge and with her newly gained power she hopped on Kangas’ back for the final part of the ceremony, which was a few laps on a piggyback ride amongst the cheering crowd, as they made their exit.

All of this accompanied by a beautiful traditional Korean music in the background, while a representative from Kangas’ family was guiding everyone through the ceremony and explained all the customs we were observing and enjoying. Such a stunning ceremony and a beautiful way of honouring family and culture.

The Wedding Team

Hair: Maria Gullace
Makeup: Shella Martin
Videography: Film My Wedding
Ceremony: Christ Church
Reception Venue: The George Ballroom
Flowers: Lulo And Ly
Catering: Damm Fine Food Group
Cake: Boys Bake Too
Music: Gospel Sundays
Bride’s Dress: Designer Bridal House
Bride’s Shoes: Aquazzura
Bride’s Jewellery: Christie Nicolaides
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alamour The Label
Groom’s Shoes: Jack London
Groom’s & Groomsman Suits: My Tuxedo

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