Dawn & Duy

A bride and groom sitting on a staircase at Jackalope Hotel.

Dawn & Duy's Jackalope Hotel Mornington Wedding

Beautiful tea ceremony, followed by a stunning sunset photo-shoot and a gorgeous reception at Jackalope Hotel on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC. Jackalope Hotel Mornington Wedding.

Minimal to the max, clean and black all the way.

Sharing their love for design, adventure, family/friends and each-other, Dawn and Duy wanted their wedding day to be a true reflection of who they are. To quote Dawn: "One of the best things about your own wedding is unabashedly unleashing your personal style. Minimal to the max, clean and black all the way."

From the smallest detail in the folded place-cards (which Dawn designed herself) with nicknames for every guest, that also fold out into 180-degree dinner menus, to the old-fashioned cocktails with custom labelling, to the many spectacular outfits on the day, to the clifftop embraces in the middle of a storm, to choosing Jackalope as the stunning setting for their epic celebration. Personal style level, utterly unlocked and unabashedly unleashed.

the mesmerising corridors of Jackalope

Bathing in colourful neon lights, surrounded by gorgeous art installations. Beautiful mix of natural and artificial light blending together, allowing us to elegantly isolate and accentuate these legends against the deliciously dark corridors.

Perfectly reflecting the artistic essence of our surroundings with their vibe and wardrobe, Dawn's wearing a breathtaking Albina Dyla gown and Duy's wearing a sharp Harrolds number.

We could’ve easily roamed the corridors for the rest of the day. Photo opportunities for days, literally, but this was just the beginning.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

The pool-house of mirrors offered an amazing opportunity for us to add to one of our underlying themes of the day - reflections.

I love how the design and arrangement of the mirrors here allowed nature to reflect itself inside the room. In this instance the big window also allowed the mirrors to reflect in it as well, so we got this beautiful inception of reflections, which added an extra layer of intrigue to the scene.

Dawn’s gorgeous outfit was in flawless sync with the room.

Her Ford Millinery crown practically resembled the intricate arrangement of the mirrors.

Standing on the edge of the world

Standing on the edge of the world, listening to the waves crashing on the shore, watching the storm roll in on the horizon.

We had half an hour window before the next pour-down and we were determined to make the most out of every last second.

The glory of the stormy skies at sunset, beautifully diffused light and the embrace of these two lovebirds left us all absolutely breathless.

Dawn & Duy and the bridal party storm gang were absolute troopers braving nature’s elements for love, friendship and art.

The Wedding Team

Makeup: Jeda Vu
Hair: Kim and Bobby Pins

Celebrant: Weddings by Shamini
Videography: Jordy Scott & Catterina W
Flowers: Jo Laver
Venue & Catering: Jackalope
Cake: Beurre
Music: Gospel Sundays
Stationery: Dawn (the bride)
Bride's Dress: Albina Dyla & Alamour The Label
Bride's Shoes: Alexander McQueen &

Valentino & Christian Louboutin
Bride's Jewellery: Anton & Graff
Bridesmaid Dresses: The Iconic
Groom's Suit: Harrolds
Groom's Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Wedding Rings: Anton

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