Sharon & Brentt

A bride and groom kissing in front of a modern building.

Sharon & Brentt's Wedding.

Beautiful ceremony at St Monica's Catholic Church followed by a stunning reception at Alto Event Space in Melbourne, VIC.

Sharon and Brentt had their hearts set on April 2020 for declaring their love for each other amongst family and friends. All the effort and energy that goes into planning an epic celebration like this was leading up to this big day.

February 2020 came around and the excitement was really building up, as they were putting the finishing touches on the final planning details for their big day. Only 2 months to go.

March 2020 came and brought with it some concerns around COVID restrictions for gatherings over 100 people. By the end of the month the concerns were confirmed and we went into the first VIC lock-down.

Like many other couples who had wedding plans during this period, Sharon & Brentt had to postpone their wedding plans, as the restrictions resumed towards the middle of the year.

September 2020 was now locked in as the new month for their wedding. Sharon and Brentt had to re-book all their wedding vendors and go through the whole planning process again, all in hope that restrictions will be lifted by then and things would be back to normal.

By mid 2020 we were deep into a Stage 4 lock-down and international travel had almost grounded to a halt, which was devastating for many reasons. Sharon and Brentt knew their new wedding date was now at risk as well. In addition to that, they also knew that there was a good chance that they won’t be able to have any family and friends come over from overseas to celebrate with them.

September 2020 came and went and took away with it all the new wedding plans. After catching their breath, Sharon and Brentt started working on the third round of wedding plans and re-booking all the vendors yet again. To be on the safe side, they were now looking at early 2021, with high hopes that the new year will bring better and safer days.

As restrictions continued to ease off into the new year, they booked end of Jan for their new wedding weekend. They still knew they had to take it day by day and hope no surprises would come the closer it got to the actual day.

The third attempt proved lucky. On a beautiful summer’s day at the end of Jan, the coast was clear for a big celebration. Sharon and Brentt were ready to make the most of it.

You could feel the excitement slowly build up during the morning preparations on the day. This is really happening. Family and friends were just as excited for them as they waited patiently for the beautiful ceremony at St Monica's Catholic Church in Moonee Ponds to begin. Sharon's parents, who couldn't be there in person due to international flights restrictions, were sending warm waves and smiles to everyone over a video call all the way from Singapore.

Sharon and Brentt wanted to feature some of Melbourne’s diverse architecture in their bridal portraits. When it comes to diverse architecture, Melbourne has an epic mix of the old and the modern. From the classic Victorian buildings and archways, to the pristine elegance and sustainable tech of the RMIT Design Hub, all connected via meandering cobblestone graffiti alleyways, sprinkled with absolute gems of cafes and restaurants. Lots of love for this amazing place. After the beautiful ceremony we made our way into town for some epic bridal portraits.

Like moths to a flame, we were drawn to the mesmerising warm glow of the enchanting lanterns at Xiao Long Kan Hotpot Restaurant. Peeking through the windows like little kids in front of a candy store, we knew we couldn’t continue our city stroll without going inside for some photos. As the honoured newlyweds, Sharon and Brentt went inside to ask for permission. The kind hosts welcomed us in with open arms. Walking inside was like walking onto a movie set, waiting any minute for someone to call out “Action!”. After we absorbed the warm and vibrant setting, we set up for some warm and vibrant photos.

As we made our way through the city towards the reception venue, we threw in a few warmup rounds for the first dance. Nothing calms the nerves down like dancing on the streets in front of strangers. Sharon and Brentt had put in a lot of practice leading up to the wedding day with the amazing help of wedding dance specialists The Next Step Co and it totally paid off. When the big moment came on the night, they executed their first dance to perfection.

We slowly made our way to Alto Event Space for the reception. Bathed in cool evening light mixed with warm candle light the reception setting looked absolutely stunning. After their grand entrance, Sharon and Brentt surprised everyone with a spectacular lion dance performed by the Jow Ga Kuen Dragon & Lion Dance Association, which had everyone on their feet beginning to end.

Having your grandparents at your wedding is a true blessing. Having your grandpa playing the accordion is simply priceless and that's exactly what Brentt's grandpa did on the the evening, between the two sets of moving (and grilling) speeches.

The d-floor was then open for action with the classic Nutbush City Limits track. The groovy vibes continued late into the night with a complementing light show and some signature dance moves from the happy crowd.

After such an amazing wedding day, the original round of wedding planning was now just a distant memory.

The Wedding Team

Hair: Hair by JC
Makeup: Dana Makeup Artistry
Videography: Artistic Films
Choreography: The Next Step Co
Reception Venue: Alto Event Space
Flowers: Thistle Flower Studio
Catering: Damm Fine Food Group
Cake: Miss Ladybird Cakes
Signage: Alpha Lewis Signs
Brass-ware & vases: Betty May Vintage Hire
Neon sign: Little Pineapple Neon
Mesh wall: Shape Steel
Welcome sign: Moments And Memories
Dinner taper candles: Southern Lights Candle Co
Bride’s Dress: Miss Stella York
Bride’s Shoes: Alan Pinkus
Bride’s Jewellery: The Luxe Bride
Bridesmaid Dresses: Hello Molly
Groom’s Suit and Shoes: Dyonsu
Groomsman Suit: Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal
Rings: Top Image Jewellery

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