A picture says a thousand words, but many times there’re a thousand words about the story behind a picture. You’ll find many of these stories here in the blog.

The George Ballroom Wedding – Vy & Kangas

One for the history books: 1 x stunning autumn day, 1 x sweet first look, 2 x moving love letters, 3 x gorgeous ceremonies, 4 x wardrobe changes, 16 x shots of Hibiki, 32 x cups of tea, 11 x dates + 14 x chestnuts, 1 x piggyback ride, 1 x lead vocals takeover, 91 […]


Alto Event Space Wedding – Sharon & Brentt

Sharon and Brentt had their hearts set on April 2020 for declaring their love for each other amongst family and friends. All the effort and energy that goes into planning an epic celebration like this was leading up to this big day. February 2020 came around and the excitement was really building up, as they […]


Panama Dining Room Wedding – Jamila & Orch

You know you’re with the right person when you can finish each other’s sentences or say exactly what the other person is thinking just before they’re about to say it. This is something Jamila & Orch shared from the start. And speaking of meant to be, the night the stars aligned and Jamila & Orch […]


Melbourne Town Hall Wedding – Sophie & Conaill

Sophie & Conaill had me at hello on the day of our styled outdoor (pre-wedding) photoshoot, as they loaded up a gorgeous acoustic guitar next to a deep red vintage couch in the white van rental we had for the day. Their shared passion for music was evident throughout that amazing day and highlighted the […]

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