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The timeless inspiration, immaculate craftsmanship and step by step process of creating a fine art wedding album.

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When, Where and how it all began.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of me sitting on our living room floor and flipping through my parents' wedding album. I was absolutely mesmerised by it. It was ginormous, or at least that's what it looked like to me as a little kid. The album was filled with large photo prints glued to these cardboard pages, each separated with a thin translucent page for protection. I loved the mystery the translucent pages introduced, because you could almost see what photos were coming up next, but they were not fully revealed until you turned the translucent page over.

Flipping through the pages I was totally teleported there, on that beautiful day for my parents and our family.

I was pretending to meet their younger versions and the younger versions of my grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. In my mind I would create my own version of the story of that beautiful day, as I wasn't born yet to witness it in person. I would ask my parents who everyone else was that I couldn't recognise in the photos, and I would add them to my story as well. Some were relatives who lived far away and we only saw each-other every few years, and others were family members that were long gone and I would never get the chance to meet.

My parents would also recall certain key moments from that day as well, all of which would enrich the narrative for me. The story I had in my mind of that special day was one of my favourite childhood stories.

Fast forward 30+ years later, and I'm still in awe of every single wedding album I make for my wedding couples. After all this time, I still believe it's the best way to relive, enjoy and preserve our precious memories that hold so much meaning for us and our family. For the same reason, I work hard with all my couples to make sure their wedding day story is captured, immortalised and preserved in the absolute best fine art albums available.

Our fine art album journey starts with the collection of photos from your epic wedding day. You would have received these in your private online gallery. One of the many benefits of the private online gallery is that it makes it super easy for you to view, download and share your photos from anywhere on any device. Another key benefit is that it makes it super easy for us to collaborate when it comes to the selection process for your fine art album, as you can use it to easily flag your favourite photos you want to include in your album.

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The craftsmanship behind your timeless work of art,

powered by Atkins Pro Lab, SmartAlbums and yours truly.

Fine Art



Timeless quality

Hand-crafted using Italian album binding machines and techniques, you’ll have something you and your family will treasure for generations.

Step 1

Select your favourite photos

from your wedding photos collection

This step is possibly the most challenging one, as ideally you'd have a ton of amazing photos to choose from, but you need to narrow it down to say 10-15% of the complete collection for the fine art album selection. While this may seem like an impossible task to begin with, I have a few tips for you that will make this process a little bit easier.

Tip 1: List out all the chapters of your wedding day and select your favourites from each chapter.

Like all unforgettable stories, your epic day will also have distinct chapters that will flow in a particular rhythm, like: Getting Ready, Ceremony, Family Portraits and Reception for example. The Reception chapter can also be broken down further into Grand Entrance, First Dance, Speeches, Dance Floor for example. Listing out all the chapters of your wedding day and selecting your favourites from each chapter helps break down the one big challenge into a few smaller ones. Ticking off the first couple of chapters will help you build the momentum you need for the rest. I actually break down these chapters in the private online gallery I share with all my couples, so you'll have a head start.

Tip 2: Ask for help with any tiebreaker sequences.

There will definitely be a few photo sequences that will be tricky to choose from, where there are subtle differences between a few photos, but you love them all equally. If you're undecided on which one is your favourite, it's OK to get a second opinion from your parents, your best friends or myself as your photographer, as I can offer an objective view that can help with the story narrative.

Step 2

Create the album layout

(This is a task We collaborate on together)

Now that you've completed the hardest task in selecting your favourites, the next task is for me. When I receive your favourites through the private online gallery, I create a draft layout of the fine art album which I share back with you for review. Then we go through a round of amends and tweak the layout as needed to make sure it's absolutely perfect before we send it off to print. I have one tip for this step.

Tip 1: When it comes to the number of photos per spread, less is more.

While you can technically fit many photos on a single fine art album spread, it doesn't mean you should. You want the spreads to give the images enough breathing room to absolutely shine. A spread with 20 images for example can feel a bit crowded, unless there's an intentional creative decision for that choice, in which case you can definitely have one or two of these spreads, but you definitely wouldn't want to do that to every single spread in the fine art album. Some hero shots are meant to fill a whole page, even an entire double page spread for the ultimate impact. Finding the right balance, how many photos and which photos you choose for each spread is one of the key factors in the storytelling aspect of the fine art album.

I will collaborate closely with you on this step to make sure we have the perfect fine art album layout that will tell your story in the most meaningful, elegant and visually stunning way.

Step 3

Select the format and size

Landscape, Portrait and square

Fine art albums can come in a number of shapes and sizes. You can choose between landscape and portrait orientation or a square format, which is my personal favourite format. My mid-tier package includes a gorgeous 10x10'' fine art album, which you can upgrade to 12x12'' if you want the bigger size for extra impact, or you may opt in for the smaller 8x8'' for ease of portability. The smaller sizes make perfect gifts for your parents as well.

Regardless of the format and size, all of the fine art albums can hold up to 30 spreads (60 pages) of gorgeous prints mounted on either thick lay-flat boards (~3mm thick) or 45 spreads (90 pages) on standard pages (~1.5mm thick), offering the most stunning, immersive viewing experience. I know I'm biased, but I do believe these fine art albums are still the best way to enjoy your wedding photos.

The craftsmanship of the fine art albums is done by none other than the legendary crew at Atkins Pro Lab in Adelaide, which is the oldest and best print lab in Australia. Their service and products are absolutely world class and it's instantly evident from the first time you hold one of these fine art albums in your hands. Hand-crafted using Italian album binding machines and techniques, you'll have something you and your family will treasure for generations to come.

Step 4

Select the cover material

From over 70 different swatches

Next you get to choose your preferred cover material from a super diverse range of cover materials. You have a choice from almost 70 different swatches, across 14 different categories, ranging from fine and rugged leather to vegan leather, to pristine linen, cotton and velvet. There's definitely something to suit everyone's design taste.

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Step 5

Select the cover design

From over 100 different designs

Next you get to choose your cover engraving from a library of exquisite graphic designs, personalised with your names and wedding date, or your very own graphic design (if you have one ready to go). The design you choose will be embossed on the front cover of the fine art album and it’s gonna look absolutely incredible.

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Step 6

Select the intro page design

From over 30 different designs

Next you get to choose your intro page design, which will be printed on a translucent intro page at the start of the fine art album. Similarly to the cover design, the intro page design will also be personalised with your names and wedding date and it's the perfect introduction to your wonderful visual story.

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Step 7

You receive your work of art

Your visual legacy

Once all the design elements are selected and the layout is locked in, we'll send off the fine art album to print. Within 4-6 weeks you'll be snuggled up with your partner and a hot cup of coffee or tea and you'll be relieving your epic day with the most extraordinary experience only the fine art album can offer.

The gorgeous fine art albums come in various shapes and sizes.

Create your very own work of art by choosing your favourite design elements.

Fine Art Albums

10x10'' Fine Art Album

12x12'' Fine Art Album

8x8'' Fine Art


60 pages (30 spreads)

60 pages (30 spreads)

60 pages (30 spreads)




Let's make some beautiful art together.

Your wedding day. Your work of art. Your visual legacy.

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